Television is not the centerpiece of our household. We do watch it, though and even enjoy some comedies, sitcoms, and dramas. This leads to my next comment, we knew the area where a new series(at the time), “Longmire” was being filmed so we watched it. At the end of the first season we missed it and looked forward to the start of the second season. Now, A&E has renewed this series for its third season. I understand why and am happy to hear this news.

Longmire is a mystery/thriller series about Sheriff Walt Longmire, his department, and the day to day events his department goes through. This could be from as mundane as stopping a local politician at a routine traffic stop to as complicated as discovering the remains of a deceased ex-con in the mountains and the investigation that ensues.
Each episode expounds the story line as a whole and on multiple levels-after you read that last sentence, you are probably wondering what makes this different from other television series? To my knowledge, they haven’t had a episode that didn’t continue or expound on the previous plot lines. Each episode does have a specific plot, but it also brings forward and pushes the subplots along, like: Sheriff Longmire’s angst over the death of his wife, or the election that is coming up, or the unknown past of Deputy Moretti to list just a few examples. These subplots give the viewer a feeling of immersion into the world of Longmire, and then makes Longmire the series something unique.

Of course the season finale was over the top, but it does have me looking forward to next season…
Overall- give it a chance. Whether or not you like western themed shows- I definitely do not- you should like the series and possibly even pick up one of the books it’s based on.
They currently have the first season on Netflix.  And you can purchase the first two seasons on Amazon.

You can read a review of Craig Johnson’s latest book here:

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